Sunday, May 15, 2011

Graduation and the shoes!!!

Years of hard work have paid off, now the time has arrived to celebrate your accomplishment and take that graduation walk. Graduation day is not only the time to celebrate your achievement and victory, it's also the time to dress up, look pretty and take lots of pictures; pictures that create memories for lifetime. It's one of the most memorable day of your life, hence it's really important to keep your attire simple & basic, yet chic & classy. Choosing the right shoe is equally important as choosing the right outfit or even more as shoes will be the point of focus while your outfit hides behind your gown. So what is this right shoes and where can you find it, the answer is very simple, it's either in your wardrobe or shopping mall. For me, I found mine in the shopping usual!
 Black is not the only option when it comes to choosing a classic pair of shoes for your graduation. You can always play around with different shoe colours as it can make a difference when you walk the stage. You can try wearing shoes of contrast colours of your gown, like for black gown wear gold or tan, for blue gown wear fuchsia. My gown was black, so I opted for these leopard print pumps which are very much hot this season.
These classic and trendy pair of shoes can lift up any simple outfit without much effort and the best part is, they never go out of style or get boring. Though the heels are bit high, they are quite comfortable because of the thick platform. The key is to wear comfortable shoes as you'll be putting quite a bit of pressure on your feet, between standing, walking and posing for pictures all day long. Sky high heels aren't for everyone and your feet might get hurt after a while no matter how comfortable the shoes are. Now if you decide to go for heels, it might be a good idea to carry after party shoes like fold up flats to slip into something more comfortable when the need arises.
In any case celebrate your big day with the right shoes that will make you look stylish and keep your feet happy.
Congratulations and Happy Graduation!