Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first style icon and the most beautiful woman - my mum

Every girl or should I say every fortunate girl grows up seeing her mother dress up, put make up on and do all the girlie stuffs that a woman would do when she grows up, I am no different! I remember seeing of my mum while growing up , playing with her make up and getting dressed up in her clothes when she was away and that too without her knowing anything. Yes mum, I was a naughty or rather say a curious child and played with your stuffs when you were not home!
My fascination for Saree (a traditional Nepali costume) began when I was a very little girl, watching my mum carry it off so gracefully. I have never seen her wear anything else except Saree and she used tolook absolutely beautiful with less or no makeup, she still does! Simplicity was her style and natural beauty was her asset.
Today  on  mother's day,  (it's the official mother's day in Nepal) I wanted to recreate her style as I have in my  memory  from one of her old  pictures. I wish I had that picture to upload it here but I don't. I am not as beautiful as her but I hope I managed to resemble her in some way though my family say I don't look like her at all. Nevertheless, I got another opportunity to play around with make up & clothes, click some pictures and cherish some of my childhood memories.

I dedicate this post  to my mum who is my first style icon, who I consider the most beautiful woman in the world and I am pretty sure that every girl feels the same about their mum!

Classic 70's style

My bling blings!

I took some pictures after I took off all my accessories, Saree is statement piece in itself!!!

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