Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gulity Pleasure:Online shopping

browsing through the site, took a break to pose.........

Back in school days, I used to hear stories about how people in western countries shop from their home without going to the store. I wondered how it would be like to buy things without physically seeing them and if I'll ever get to experience such a thing. Few years later when I left my country and moved to USA to pursue my higher education, I made my first online purchase from Amazon; my text books! That was the day and here I am today, obsessed with online shopping.

With all these fabulous online stores and tempting bargains, it's hard to resist, not to shop online. What I love about shopping online is, it's extremely convenient, less time consuming, less expensive, and of course, you are spoiled with choices. Recently, I came across this site called which is Australia's No.1 online shoe store (that's what they claim to be!)What first drew me to their site were these phrases below:

Yes, it offers free delivery, free return and 100 days return policy, how cool is that???I am usually reluctant to pay shipping charges when shopping online and here I don't have to worry about it at all, now this is got to be a very good reason to love this store. Not only that, they carry a large selection of shoes, practically all major brands like Tony Bianco, Lipstick, Peeptoe, Siren, Guess and much more, cool huh?

selected some shoes, yet to pick one!

So here I am browsing through the site, trying to figure out which pair of shoes should I own. With so many gorgeous shoes to choose from, it's one hell of a task to select one but I thought of a cool idea to end my dilemma. Since it’s the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought of getting a pair of pink shoes to support the cause. As it's for a good cause, I won’t feel guilty about spending my money; moreover, I’ll own a new pair of shoes in a colour that I don’t have and that in trend this summer. (Colour Blocking) Now that's what I call a smart shopping. Style Tread, here I come...........

Stay stylish!



  1. Great Blog Romu, good job :) miss ya

  2. Style Guru,Romu, great color choice. It is very pretty color, but little too bold for me. I am sure you can rock those shoes on any casual evenings. I would love to see those on you.

  3. Thanks Keti! Miss u heaps! Btw I'm waiting for blogs.....

  4. Hey Tej,
    Guru re? I haven't taught anything as of My wardrobe is pretty dull and boring in shoe dept when it comes to color, so I thought of adding some life and choose pink! I think it's one of the safest color to experiment with! You should try it too, this color goes really well with your complexion.....i think!

  5. I loved how you say "i think" at the end of your comment. Its been 8 really flies. Anyways back on blogging.

    I agree pink is a very nice color. But not in the winter. Our weather clashes, you know. I am looking at some boring black, gray and brown boots for the winter and you at the bold pink. Literally not really a good time to buy for me.

    You might not have taught about wardrobe, but I can see your passion in the clothes, makeup, shoes and jewellery (I have seen your FB Anyone can tell you have keen eyes on those stuff and you carry them out very nicely. Now, is the time to write something on fashion tips and take your blog to a new level.

  6. True! We live on the opposite side of the planet......I'm so glad that winter is finally over, so looking forward to bright sunny days and embrace bright colors as well.

    Well, I'm planning to blog regularly and definitely take it to a new level. Right now, the most important thing for me is to manage time,lets see how it works out. And thanks for those lovely words sweety, it's really inspiring!