Friday, April 20, 2012

Seventies Flare

Platform shoes and bell bottoms pants are the first things that come to our mind when we think out the 70s fashion. 70’s was all about free spirited attitude and revolution which was expressed through what people wore. It’s definitely one of my favorite fashion decade for its versatility, colours and mix of toned down and streamlined look that exude sophistication and class while the flowy boho clothes screamed femininity and casualness. Because of its versatility, 70s fashion and clothing inspiration is found almost eerywhere and it continues to influence the current fashion trends today.

Well today’s outfit is dedicated to the very stylish 70s style. I am wearing this beige palazzo pants for extra flare paired with burnt orange button up shirt, cinching my wait with a chunky belt. I love this color combination of beige and burnt orange and it’s becoming one of my favorite colors to mix together. Animal prints were huge in 70’s and now they are everywhere, so how can I not use these gorgeous prints to accessorize my look? Here, I am wearing this pretty leopard print stole and a platform pumps in similar prints, looks quite coordinated and thoughtful! This outfit is really casual, comfy and with the earthy colors palette, it’s very much appropriate for daytime wear. It’s really an easy look to put together and looks effortlessly chic… 70s!

Stay Stylish!


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