Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wildlife - fur, leather and leopard print details

Sydney is experiencing one of it's coldest winter days this June while I am enjoying being super lazy than ever before. No wonder, I haven't wrote any posts in last two weeks! It's not that I hate winters, in fact I love them.It's the time of the year when you get to be super creative about fashion and styling with all that layerings, tall boots, statement coats, cute knit wears, fun scarves and all. Wish I could blog more than I do now, I can at least try to do more posts on winter fashion and styling in coming days,I promise.

About the outfit:
It's not until I started writing this post I realized that this particular outfit I am wearing is very much inspired by wildlife, let's counts all the details here; faux fur vest(even though it's faux fur, it still is fur), leather pants, leather boots and last but not the least, leopard print scarf.....phew! I wonder what would happen to our fashion and styling sense if we didn't have animals for inspiration. Anyways, I had fun putting together this outfit for my weekend shopping and stroll in the city when the weather was bit warmer and nicer than past few days.

Stay Stylish!

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