Thursday, July 19, 2012

Playing dress up

I love costume parties because it is so much fun to see everyone dress up as per the theme; however it can be quite stressful trying to figure what you are going to wear and arrange everything accordingly.
Last Saturday, I went to one of my friend's birthday party, and yes, it was a theme party where we had to dress up as music stars.

After thinking for days and browsing continously through the net for inspirations, I chose to dress up as Amy Winehouse. Though she is not my favourite singer or music Idol, I find her style quite unique and fascinating, also somewhat easy to replicate (till I tried). In my attempt to replicate her hairstyle, I failed miserably and that's when I gave up the idea of dressing up as Amy and opted for Adele instead. I love Adele as a singer, her face is stunning and I love her 60's glamour hairdo and makeup so it was a perfect choice for me. Dressing up as Adele was quite easy as I only needed a black dress and a fabulous set of earrings. Since I had few black dresses in my closet, I had to pick from one of them but I ended up buying a new one anyway. Since I didn't have enough time, I didn't get a chance to buy a blonde wig so I had to work with my black hair. So here I am dressed up as Adele with my brown complexion and black hair.

Our birthday girl (she was featured on my blog post previously) was dressed up as Lady Gaga which she pulled it off quite well, especially her costume was just too perfect. Rest of my other friends were quite good too. We had people dressed up as Niki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Amy Winehouse (Luckily I changed my mind otherwise there would have been two Amys) Rihana, Kate Perry and few more music stars. It was such a fun night and we all enjoyed a lot.

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