Monday, August 6, 2012

Casual comfort

Been lying in bed all day though it's Monday, wasn't feeling very well so didn't end up going to work. Well,I thought of doing a quick post and turn this day into something little more productive. This weekend has been super busy for me, was shooting with a new photographer yesterday and I must say she was quite talented, can't wait to see the photos. Saturday was again a long day, went for shopping, then for a long drive, took some photos for my blog and went out for dinner. Since I knew I was going to be out all day, I wore something very casual and comfortable, it was beautiful a sunny day too.
Here, I am wearing this black and white mini dress over some printed tights, threw on a classic jean jacket which I have had since past 6-7 years (they still fit me and never go out of style). Don't know why but I am into hats lately, here I am wearing this black fedora by Tie Rack and for shoes, I went with the black booties(styled previously here). For jewellery, I went with big silver hoop earrings and black bangles. This outfit is very casual and comfortable and has some chic flare to it.

Stay stylish!

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