Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello Spring!

Spring, my most favourite season has finally arrived in Sydney today. Though the weather was not as good and warm as expected, hope it gets better in coming days. I cannot wait to do some posts on spring/summer fashion, featuring current trends, styles and much more. For now, I just wanted to share quick news which is bit personal and has very little to do with fashion/style but, I felt like sharing here in my blog anyways.

Two days ago, I got my Australian citizenship and I consider this to be one of the milestones of my life;a very special day! I came in this country almost 5 years ago with few dreams and hope for a better life and by the grace of God, things are going well and pretty smooth. Well, I don't intend to bore you guys with my life history, I just wanted to share what I wore that day for the event Since I had to work that day, I went for something formal and simple that was appropriate for both work and event in the evening. I sticked with classic silhouettes and colour palates; wore a printed black & white sheath dress with black tuxedo blazer paired with classic black pumps (not shown here). For jewellery, I went with pearls since they are subtle, elegant and timeless; great for work or any formal occasions. I didn’t get to take many pictures but here are few which shows part of my outfit. Maybe I’ll do a photoshoot to show the outfit in full length. Oh and btw, I am loving neon colours this season and to satisfy my neon cravings, I added a neon pink skinny belt over my dress; a little dose of colour to my otherwise black and white outfit.

with the council mayor


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