Monday, October 8, 2012

Heart prints

Bright and lovely spring weather begs for cute spring dresses, this one I picked up at Myers during their massive mid season sale (up to 75% off on already discounted items, who knew one could out walk out of Myers with two back full of clothes for just $150......... ahh....mazing!!!!)

This dress by Toikito is fabulous because the fabric is super soft and light, drapes really well and the cut is asymmetrical, most importantly these little heart prints all over the dress is adorable. I paired it with a chunky necklace, wooden bangles and floral designs sandals, for that chic beachy look. Sometimes it’s ok to dress up a little while hitting the beach to enjoy that gorgeous weather and the cool breeze, in style!



  1. Nice dress gal. Can't wait for summer to be here and wear all my summer dress too :)

    1. Thank you:) Need summer more than ever before as it feels like we are back into fall again in this cold and wet weather.