Saturday, October 13, 2012

Iphonography/Colours/DIY Necklace

I have been using instagram a lot lately and I am kind of blown away by the beautiful pictures people take from a phone camera and post here. All this time, I have only used a DSLR camera to shoot for my blogs and the process is quite time consuming. So, I thought every now and then I should post pictures taken from my trusty iphone and try to blog more regularly. After all, iphonography is a huge craze because of its awesomeness and so much more convenient and instant than professional photography .

Now on to my outfit; for this particular look, I decided to play with some colors after seeing this amazing blogpost by Wendslookbook. She is one of my favourite fashion bloggers from whom I have learnt so much about fashion and styling. Combining royal blue, sunshine yellow and midnight black, she took inspiration from the blue tang fish to put together her outfit while I took inspiration from her to mix lime green, black and royal blue with a pop of neon yellow. The key is to ground bold statement pieces (lime tweed jacket, royal blue silk pants and neon belt) with neutral basics (black tee, black handbag and classic black pumps) Along with this colorful outfit, I am also wearing a necklace that is an outcome of my recent DIY project. I bought this necklace from Collette but it was not very attractive looking so I decided to give it a makeover by painting it yellow and green with my nail polishes. I must say that I am  really happy with the outcome as it looked way better than what it was before, too bad, I don't have a before and after picture to post it here! I am not much of a crafty person to engage myself into DIYs but this was so much fun and incredibly easy to do that I am keen to transform my other old jewellery into something new and fun.

Stay stylish!


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