Monday, June 10, 2013

Trench Coat and Tall Boots

For me, a good trench coat and tall leather boots are must haves for winter season, especially for those doom and gloom rainy days. For  this outfit, I wore my faux leather trench coat over a lace white top and polka dots skirt and paired it with these fabulous and very comfy tall boots. To inject some fall colors into my outfit, I added a bright yellow scarf and a green handbag.  I love how this outfit is a mixture of different  textures, colors and also incorporates prints. It's a fuss free outfit to put together for a chilly and rainy day which keeps you dry and chic at the same time. I know my rainy day outfit is incomplete without an umbrella, because unfortunately (rather fortunately), it stopped raining when we started the shoot!

Stay Stylish


  1. Nice clothes, love those colourful accessories<3 i followed you!

  2. Very put together one. Nice splash of colors and still not overwhelming.

  3. nice post!! follow each other? let me know!

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